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ICS evidence base

17 December 2010

The following background documents informed the production of the ICS. All the evidence based work for the ICS was produced using publicly available secondary evidence.  Every effort has been made to ensure that all data used has been sourced accordingly. 

The State of Essex Evidence Papers

The State of Essex Evidence Papers were produced between May and June 2010, to provide a snapshot of the existing state of Greater Essex in relation to the economy, housing, the environment, and transport.  The papers were not designed to be comprehensive, but were designed as discussion documents to stimulate debate throughout the consultation workshops and preparation of the ICS.
The evidence papers provided a starting point to debate the issues and challenges in Greater Essex, while also considering the opportunities for growth that could create priorities for the ICS.  The six evidence papers provided the following information;
  • Paper 1:  Established the state of the sub-regions within Greater Essex
  • Paper 2:  Examined the state of the Essex economy, using evidence from the production of the Local Economic Assessment (LEA)
  • Paper 3:  Reviewed the current housing and planning related features of Greater Essex
  • Paper 4:  Considered transport issues in Greater Essex, and highlighted its strengths and opportunities for growth using evince from the production of the Local Transport Plan (LTP)
  • Paper 5:  Outlined the current condition of the environment of Greater Essex
  • Paper 6:  Considered delivery and resourcing options for priorities that could be proposed in the ICS future

Introduction to Essex Evidence Paper

This document was produced in August 2010 to investigate, through a range of questions, how Greater Essex performs in relation to the rest of the country in 20 topics that could influence economic growth.  The topics range from the national ranking of Greater Essex shopping centres, to the number of moorings in the area, to ranking the national importance of Greater Essex in key growth sectors.  This document collates existing publicly available information to identify some key strengths and weaknesses in Greater Essex.

The Strategic Countywide Economic and Housing Issues (ECEA paper)

In August 2009 the ECEA published the ‘Strategic Countywide Economic and Housing Issues’ paper to identify the main economic and housing issues that face Essex. 
The document identifies and promotes the concept of the four Essex sub-regions as the future spatial structure for economic change.  It aimed to inform the review of the East of England Plan, and make the case for increased investment from Government to assist the delivery of sustainable growth in Essex towards 2021 and beyond.
The ICS has built upon many of the issues presented within this report. 

Local Futures place profiles 

Local futures are a team of researchers and consultants that were commissioned in February 2010 to produce a collection of ‘Place Profiles’ for Greater Essex, and assist the evidence gathering stage of the ICS.  Using the latest data at the time of creation, they provide information on a range of economic, social and environmental themes for each of the 14 local and unitary authorities in Greater Essex.  The reports present a range of graphical outputs, together with a summary analysis of performance that is set within a regional and national context.