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Annual Performance Report 2011/12

17 October 2012

The key purpose of the 2011/12 Annual Performance Report is to show where we spent taxpayers’ money during the year and demonstrate our progress in delivering against our EssexWorks Pledges and priorities. Included within the Annual Performance Report is a summary of our Statement of Accounts.
To provide comments on the content of the Annual Performance Report, you can contact us at: 
Below is a summary of achievements against our 2011/12 priorities. 

  • 1,487 more people receiving a personal budget than in 2010/11
  • Essex Highways set to achieve £5m annual savings following partnership with Ringway Jacobs
  • OFSTED recognition for continued progress of our children’s social care services and removal of Improvement Notice and government intervention
  • 8% more adults leaving a reablement service able to self care, compared to 2010/11
  • Primary school absence fell to 4.8% taking Essex into the top quartile of councils
  • 12 school infrastructure projects completed resulting in 600 additional primary school places
  • Six major highways schemes successfully delivered with significant impact for Essex residents and local economy
  • £262,555 saved as a direct result of Essex Trading Standards intervention, with most of the potential loss impacting the vulnerable
  • 1,153 jobs created or saved by Essex County Council, compared to 1,104 in 2010/11
  • Over half of Essex household waste was recycled, reused or composted
  • Over 17,000 tonnes less household waste sent to landfill, compared with 2010/11, saving over £900,000 on landfill tax expenditure
  • 90% reduction in the number of days spent ‘waiting’ in acute hospitals for a social care service, compared with 2010/11