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Commissioning Strategies

17 December 2014

In February 2014 the Council adopted a new Outcomes Framework for Essex - a statement of ambition based on its Vision for Essex 2013-17 (agreed at Full Council in July 2013). 


The framework sets out the Council's ambitions for Essex and replaces a range of previous outcomes and objectives.  With this in place, the next step was to determine the actions ECC will, with partners, take to secure progress. 

The Council has developed seven outcomes-based commissioning strategies – which were approved by Cabinet on 21 October 2014. 
Each is designed to help the Council move from desired outcomes, to a range of activities that can deliver progress.

You can view the current Council commissioning strategies for 2014-18 via the links below:



The development of these strategies also included a programme of public and partner consultation.  This consultation period ran from 8 July 2014 until 14 September 2014. A full report of the consultation approach and feedback can be found here.