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Essex County Council Annual Report 2012/13

11 August 2014

The key purpose of the 2012/13 annual report is to show where we spent taxpayers’ money during the year, demonstrate our progress in delivering against our EssexWorks priorities, show the impact of our achievements and indicate some of our priorities for the future. Included within the annual report is a summary of our statement of accounts.
To provide feedback or comment on the content of the annual performance report, you can contact us at

Summary of achievements against our 2012/13 priorities

  • 8% more pupils achieving expected levels at Early Years Foundation Stage compared with 2011
  • 5% more pupils achieved expected levels at Key Stage 2 English and Maths compared with 2011
  • Supported approximately 2,679 adult learners achieve Level 2 qualifications and 341 achieve Level 3 qualifications
  • 55,000 road defects (including potholes) repaired
  • £65 million of improvements made to Sadlers Farm and the Tarpots junction in Thundersley
  • 4,136 fewer tonnes of municipal waste sent to landfill compared to 2011/12, saving more than £500,000 on landfill disposal costs
  • 46% of those completing their provision in relation to Right to Control were in employment by April 2013
  • Fewer reception year and Year 6 pupils measured as obese compared to the 2010/11 academic year, keeping Essex below the national average
  • Ahead of projections to achieve the 2020 road casualty reduction target
  • Helped to save or create 1,045 jobs and supported 15% reduction of 16-19 year-olds not in education, employment or training compared with 2011/12
  • Overall reduction of 218 children in care and an overall reduction of 224 children subject to a Child Protection Plan
  • Private fostering service rated as ‘Good’ by Ofsted in January 2013


You can also learn about what we achieved against our priorities in 2011/12.