Apply for a Blue Badge

How to apply for a Blue Badge

Sending documents


You can use a digital camera, smartphone or tablet to take a photo of any supporting documents. If you have access to a scanner, you can scan the documents and upload them to your application. File types accepted are PNG, GIF, JPG or PDF file, and no larger than 10MB.

Uploading documents

You can upload documents after you have registered for an account, by logging into your account. You can upload them at the time of your application, but if you don't have them to hand, you can save your application and come back to it later.

If you upload your documents online, you will only be able to upload new documents when your application is in the Customer Request stage.

If you can't upload documents

It's quicker to upload your documents online. However, if you're unable to do this, you can send them by email or post.

If you emailed your documents, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement email. If you did not receive an email, check your junk folder.

Declined documents

You need to ensure you’ve submitted all the supporting documents, otherwise this could delay your application. For example, documents might be declined if there is not enough information, or if they are out of date. Photos might be declined if the picture is not clear enough. If we cannot accept one of your documents, we will contact you to explain why, and ask you to resend it.