Improve your mobility

Get help if you're finding it difficult to walk or move around including advice on preventing falls at home and getting physiotherapy treatment.

Get help if you're having difficulties walking and getting around.

Avoiding falls at home

Falls, trips and slips in or around the home are the most common types of accident for older people. The NHS gives advice on how you can prevent falls at home, including exercises to improve your strength and balance.

Adaptations for your home

Adaptations for your home, such as grab rails can help reduce the risk of falls and make moving around the home easier. See how to adapt your home to work for you.


Physiotherapy is a treatment to improve movement, flexibility, coordination and strength. It helps people who are experiencing difficulties walking. After an assessment, a physiotherapist may offer one or more of the following:

  • a programme of exercises to help you to become stronger and to improve your walking
  • advice on how you might take a different, safer approach to your walking
  • advice on equipment and aids which might be suitable for you

Find a physiotherapist

You may be referred to physiotherapist following a hospital stay, or after seeing a GP, district nurse, social worker or other health and social care professional.

Find out about ECL (Essex Cares Limited) physiotherapy services.

Find private physiotherapists in your area:

Contact Adult Social Care

If you are struggling with your mobility and finding it hard to manage everyday tasks, you can contact Adult Social Care to discuss your care and support needs.