Carers emergency plan

Set up a plan to make sure the person you look after will be cared for if you are unavailable because of an emergency


A carers emergency plan means that we can help to find the necessary support if an emergency stops you from being able to care for the person that you look after.

This service is free of charge and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who the carers emergency plan is for

This service is available to anyone who provides an informal or unpaid caring role for an adult. You could be a family member, friend or neighbour.

For more information, read our guidelines on identifying a carer.

How the carers emergency plan works

Carers emergency card

After you have completed the application form for a carers emergency plan we will send you a carers emergency card.

The card will have:

  • a contact telephone number for our Emergency Duty team
  • a personal identification number that is unique to you

No other personal information will be included.

You should keep your emergency carers card with you at all times.

In an emergency

In the case of an emergency you, or someone with you, can call the number on your carers emergency card. We will then call the emergency contacts listed on your application.

If you do not have any emergency contacts, or the ones listed are unavailable, we will make arrangements to provide short term care. We will use the information given on your application to work out what this care needs to be.

If necessary we will work with you and the person you look after to find a longer term solution.