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Check the progress of your application

Once you've applied you can log in to your account to check the progress of your application.

Your progress

By clicking on My Requests, you'll be able to see the stage your application has reached. Under My Tasks, you can see if we need any information from you.

Stage What's happening
Application Your application has been received.
Eligibility Checking All required documentation and supporting evidence is awaiting processing by the Blue Badge team. Once reviewed the team will contact you if any information needs clarifying/updating or advise the next stage of the process. Your application will return to this stage at various times during the process, as new information relevant to the application is submitted. Your application will also return to this stage, after an Independent Mobility Assessment report has been received, or payment has been taken.
Refer to customer You will have received a message from the Blue Badge team regarding your application, which requires your attention.
Desk-based assessment Application has been processed and is now awaiting a review of information supplied. Once reviewed you will be informed of the outcome. Either: Award badge - a request for payment will be sent to you. Independent Mobility Assessment (IMA is required) – we will contact you to arrange the appointment. Decline application - notification will be sent explaining your application has been declined, and stating the reason why
Book customer IMA appointment You are required to attend an Independent Mobility Assessment (IMA). Your details have been passed to Ascenti, our assessment providers, who will contact you directly to arrange an appointment.
IMA An IMA has been booked and we are awaiting the outcome of the assessment. We will contact you with details of the outcome once this has been received.
Later payment Your application has been approved and we now require a payment of £10 to order the badge. Once payment is made the application will return to eligibility checking, until the badge has been ordered. Please allow 15 working days for delivery.

Sending documents

If you uploaded your documents on the online portal, you can check the status of your documents by logging into your application.

If you emailed your documents, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement email. If you did not receive an email, check your junk folder.

Declined documents

Documents might be declined if there is not enough information, or if they are out of date. Photos might be declined if the picture is not clear enough.

If we cannot accept one of your documents we will contact you to explain why, and ask you to resend them.

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