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Blue Badge

Renew your badge

When your Blue Badge is 10 weeks from expiring we will send you a renewal letter.

You can’t renew it any earlier than 10 weeks before the expiry date.

If you have received your renewal letter, you can renew your Blue Badge

You will need to provide:

  • your unique identifier, provided in the renewal letter
  • an up to date photograph
  • address change: if you have moved within the last 3 years you will also need to provide proof that you still live in Essex, such as a photocopy of a Council Tax or utility bill
  • name change: send photocopied proof of identification in your new name

If you have an automatic entitlement linked to a benefit then you will also need to provide:

  • higher rate component of Disability Living Allowance - a photocopy of your official award letter, dated in the last 2 years and stating the end date of your award
  • personal Independent Payment - a full copy of your award letter, dated in the last 2 years that states the end date of your award and includes the 'moving around' descriptor and points awarded

If you have not received your renewal letter, please contact 0345 603 7630 and select option 2.

All badges cost £10.

We will contact your afterwards to take payment.

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