Independent Visitor Service

Volunteer to befriend and support a young person in care

How to apply

To apply to be an Independent Visitor, you will go through these steps:

  1. Speak to us and fill out an application. A decision is made on whether to move to the next stage.
  2. Training packs are sent out. You complete a self-assessment, then training goes ahead.
  3. Compliance checks including an enhanced DBS check. We arrange this and pay for it. A home visit assessment, three references and volunteer agreement are needed.
  4. Panel decision to match you with a young person.

To learn more about becoming an Independent Visitor, contact us at

Apply now

Please be aware that this process can take a long time. On average we aim to respond with 10 working days. The application process will vary. When you first speak to us, we can give you a clearer picture of how long things will take.

This is due to the background checks required, and the process of matching you with a young person. It needs to be a great fit, so you both get the most out of the experience.