Independent Visitor Service

Volunteer to befriend and support a young person in care

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How we support volunteers


We provide training to all volunteers and support you to develop the skills to carry out your role.

This includes:

  • an induction into the role
  • safeguarding training
  • invites to attend group meetings
  • ongoing supervision and development
  • being able to request additional training if you feel it’s necessary
  • a volunteer co-ordinator's phone number for any issues during work hours
  • an emergency team phone number for any issues outside of work hours


Independent Visitors are unpaid volunteers. We cover expenses so that you're not out of pocket.

We cover mileage, and an agreed amount of out of pocket expenses. We can fund activities up to £25. You'll need to keep receipts. You'll have a volunteer co-ordinator who can help if you’re unsure.