Get married or form a civil partnership

Getting married or forming a civil partnership

If you’re getting married or forming a civil partnership in Essex, we can help you with the legal requirements and planning your day.

If you’re having a Church of England ceremony, normally the Church will take care of these things for you.

For other religious and civil ceremonies you will need to:

  1. choose a venue
  2. book a registrar for your ceremony
  3. give notice at least 29 days before the ceremony
  4. have your ceremony

You can have a religious or a civil ceremony. If you have a civil ceremony, you won't be allowed to have religious readings or music.

Civil ceremonies can be held at one of the 150 approved venues across Essex licenced to hold marriages or civil partnerships. You could also have a simpler ceremony at one of our community venues or the Essex Register Office.

There are slightly different rules if either:

  • you are getting married abroad
  • one or both of you are not from the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland

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