Essex's £200m climate action plan is unveiled

Essex's £200m climate action plan is unveiled

We have announced a £200m action plan to help tackle the climate crisis in Essex. It details how we will implement the recommendations of the Essex Climate Action Commission’s report Net Zero: Making Essex Carbon Neutral.

The report, published in July, contains over 100 recommendations for what organisations, communities and residents need to do to tackle the climate crisis. The action plan will help us meet our ambitious net zero carbon emission targets.

Speaking at the Cabinet meeting where the action plan was unveiled, Cllr Peter Schwier, Essex County Council’s Climate Czar, said: “Today marks the point where we recognise our early momentum, acknowledge the journey ahead of us and take those steps to power resolutely forward.

“We at Essex County Council can and will lead, but we will need to work closely with others, not least, district colleagues, health, police, the voluntary and community sectors, businesses and residents alike. We must all play our part for this to have real impact.”

We have also committed to track progress and will be producing annual reports on greenhouse gas emissions and climate resilience measures for both the Council and the county of Essex.

The Essex Climate Action Commission was set up to advise on how best to tackle the climate crisis and become a net zero emissions county.

The Commission met nine times over the course of its first year, where it discussed solutions to climate problems in the following key areas:

  • transport
  • built environment
  • energy
  • waste
  • land use and green infrastructure
  • community engagement

Last updated 25 November 2021