Safety Advisory Group announces initiatives launching in 2022

Safety Advisory Group announces initiatives launching in 2022

The Safety Advisory Group (SAG) works with partners, support organisations, and residents, to gain a better understanding of the real fears people, in particular women have about safety. It then aims to these issues and bring about positive change.

Through surveys, online polls, partnership events and focus groups, thousands of residents have engaged with the SAG this year to give their views on public safety.

This feedback has been used to decide what the group will focus on going forward.

The feedback covered a number of different aspects. From the night-time economy and public transport to the role of bystanders and the impact of social media, the group’s work was comprehensive and far reaching. Education was also identified as a key area to focus on and some positive and supportive engagement with schools is taking place.

After listening to the feedback and taking into consideration all comments and concerns shared by residents and partners, the cross-party group has identified four pillars for work in 2022 and beyond.

  • Making public spaces feel and be safer
  • Creating safer working environments
  • Changing attitudes and behaviours
  • Shaping the attitudes of future generations

A detailed programme of work is now being finalised and in February the SAG will launch a number of projects and initiatives across the country.

These include:

  • Launching a Women’s Safety Charter.
  • Expanding ‘Safe Spaces’ across the county, investing in initiatives to make city centres and communities places that everyone, especially women and girls, can feel safe in day and night.
  • Developing a bystander intervention training programme so communities can feel empowered and equipped to safely challenge inappropriate behaviour.
  • Developing a scheme with the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex which will work with men whose behaviour, whilst inappropriate, is not of a criminal nature, to help them understand the impact it has on women.
  • Completing additional research into street lighting, the night-time economy and public transport.
  • Developing a range of targeted communications and public safety campaigns.
  • Working with schools and families on educating young people on healthy relationships.
  • Working with media representatives to introduce initiatives to promote women positively.

Further details about the initiatives highlighted will be shared in February

Last updated 21 December 2021