County Planning privacy notice

Includes what information we need from you and how to redact personal or sensitive information

We’ll collect the following information from you:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Telephone number
  • Contents of planning applications and representations received

Why we collect this information

This is a statutory requirement that allows us to:

  • determine planning applications
  • draft planning policy documents
  • accept representations to consultations

It also helps us to keep improving the service we provide.

See our Privacy page for environment and transport services for more details, including:

  • how long we will keep your data
  • how we keep your data secure
  • how you can access information we hold about you

What we do with it

Information you give us will be handled and made publicly available in line with national legislation and guidance, including Data Protection law.

For more information, see our Privacy and data protection page.

We’ll make every effort to remove personal details, including phone numbers, email addresses and signatures, before uploading submissions to our website.

Please note, we cannot accept anonymous, private or confidential comments.

Request to redact data

If you’ve submitted a county planning application, proposed site or a response to a minerals and waste planning consultation and have included personal or sensitive information that you would prefer not to be made publicly available, please complete the Request to redact data from planning applications online form.

We need a justifiable reason as to why information should remain unpublished. The final decision rests with the county minerals and waste planning case officer.