Our role in planning

Includes our roles as minerals and waste planning authority, highways authority and statutory consultee


We have several roles in the planning process in Essex, including:

  • planning authority for applications relating to minerals, waste and county council developments
  • the strategic highway and transport authority
  • the lead local flood authority
  • the local education authority
  • a statutory consultee for national government, Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) and local council plans
  • a key partner promoting growth, infrastructure delivery and new development in Essex
  • a provider of planning advice

We work with groups of authorities within Essex, including:

  • local councils in Essex
  • councils across the South East and East of England
  • the Greater London Authority
  • authorities in the Thames Gateway Commission area

Together, we’re responsible for:

  • influencing policy
  • addressing cross-boundary, strategic planning matters within and beyond Essex

We work with and influence local and national government, developers and other parties within ‘Housing Market Areas’. We align this with the main transport corridors (highways and railroads).

Our approach helps authorities plan together to meet important cross-boundary and ‘duty to cooperate’ requirements. It also helps us make the most of opportunities for growth and development in Essex.

See the National Planning Policy Framework for the government's planning policies for England and how these should be applied.

You may also be interested in the Planning Portal, where you can check if you need planning permission and apply.