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What services are covered by this privacy notice?

24 January 2019

  • Access to Resources
    Responsible for identifying well matched placements for children and young people within Essex and for recruiting and monitoring the standard of provision.
  • Essex Adoption Agency
    Recruits and assesses prospective adoptive parents for our children across Essex and provides support to the adopted children, their adoptive parents and their birth families.
  • Assessment and Intervention Service (A&I)
    Responsible for undertaking assessments of children where serious safeguarding issues have been raised.   
  • Children in Care and Leaving and After Care
    Offers advice and support to young people in care for 72 hours or more and care leavers up to the age of 25; ensuring those entering adulthood care are not isolated and can participate socially and economically.  
  • Child Protection
    Works with families where there are concerns that their children are at risk of significant harm. 
  • Children and Families Hub
    Single contact point for anyone to request early help or Children Social Care support.  
  • Children and Young People with Disabilities (0-25)
    Provides support to children and young people with disabilities. 
  • Collaborative Enquiry
    Researches into health, wellbeing, lifestyle and social circumstances of children, young people and families in Essex.  
  • Divisional Based Intervention Service (D-BIT)
    Works with children and young people identified on the edge of care, arising from breakdown of family relationships and those at risk of custody. 
  • Emergency Duty Team
    Our Out of Hours service for those situations that cannot safely wait until the next working day. 
  • Health and Safety
    Provides advice on health and safety management to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act and all subordinate regulations.
  • Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) Service (Preparing for Adulthood)
    Works with children and young people aged 14 to 25 years who have an education, health and care plan. 
  • Family Group Conference
    Supports families to use all the ideas and strengths of the family network to come up with solutions to the difficulties and challenges being experienced.
  • Family Solutions
    Supports families on a voluntary basis who are not likely to suffer significant harm, by finding solutions collaboratively as a family.
  • Family Support and Protection
    Provides support to children and families who are at risk, or who may be experiencing a range of problems at home.
  • Fostering Service (and Special Guardianship Orders (SGO)
    Recruits and assesses foster carers and Special Guardians and provides support to foster carers and the children in their care and to Children Subject to a SGO, their Special Guardians and their birth families.
  • Independent Review Officer Service
    Ensures all children in the care of Essex County Council have their care plans independently reviewed and their progress monitored by independent reviewing officers.
  • Independent Visitor Service
    Provides support to ‘looked after’ young people.  The service is delivered by volunteers and a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check is required.
  • Involvement Team
    Supports children and young people in their personal, social, emotional and relational development.  
  • Occupational Therapy Service
    Works with children and young people who have a substantial and long-term disability which makes day to day activities difficult.  
  • Residential Service
    Short break respite care provision for children in Essex.
  • Safeguarding Children Service
    Manages and oversee cases where there are safeguarding concerns/allegations made against people who work or volunteer with children in any setting across Essex; and support our Disclosure and Barring checks (DBS).  
  • Short breaks for Disabled Children and Young People
    Provides a short breaks programme for children/young people who have a diagnosis of special educational needs and/or a disability.
  • Travel and Accommodation
    Books travel and accommodation to meet service user needs.
  • Young Carers Service
    Offers free personalised support to young carers and their families that will be developed with them around their need for help and the caring they do. 
  • Youth Offending Service
    Reduces the risk of young people (10-18 years) offending and re-offending, and providing support and rehabilitation to those who do offend.