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What services are covered by this privacy notice?

20 February 2019

  • Applications in relation to commons and village greens 
    With applications and changes to the Register of Common Land and Village Greens including applications to register new greens 
  • Children and Education Service 
    Offers legal advice and support for children and their families
  • Corporate and Commercial 
    Delivers innovative projects, procurement and governance
  • Definitive Map and Statement 
    Discharges the statutory duty to keep the Definitive Map and Statement under continuous review 
  • Dispute Resolution and Enforcement
    Provide legal advice to internal and external clients on litigation matters, judicial reviews and provide enforcement services
  • Employment Service
    Supply advice and support regarding legal matters surrounding employment
  • Financial Deputyship
    Act on behalf of adult social care clients who are unsupported and no longer have the mental capacity to manage their own finances
  • Health and Adult Social Care
    Offer legal advice and support for health and adult social care services
  • Health and Safety
    Provides advice on health and safety management to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act and all subordinate regulations
  • Highways and Environment
    Provide advice and support to highways and planning
  • Information Governance
    Provide advice and support to Essex County Council employees,  investigate security incidents and manage Data Protection Complaints
  • Insurance, Risk and Claim Handling
    Arranges adequate insurance protection for the Council and handles claims made against the Authority
  • Internal Audit and Counter Fraud
    Provide assurance over the internal control arrangements of the authority, and help ensure value for money, making sure that there are sufficient arrangements to help prevent fraud or error
  • Marketing
    Provide information on services including legal updates
  • Practice Management
    Provide administrative and financial support services to other Essex Legal Services
  • Property Service
    Offering advice, transactions and support for Essex County Council and other external customers in regards to property
  • Trading Standards
    Responsible for ensuring businesses understand their legal obligations and trade fairly and safely; including licencing, fraud prevention, detection and prosecution and consultancy
  • Transparency Team
    Manages requests to access your personal information under Data Protection legislation and requests for information that the council holds under the Freedom of Information Act or Environmental Information Regulation
  • Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney
    Offers legal advice and preparation of Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney