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Level 4: specialist intervention

This level of support is for children or young people likely to suffer significant harm, lasting impairment or be removed from home without specialist intervention.

This might include children or young people:

  • suffering significant harm from abuse or neglect
  • who have significant impairment of function or learning or life limiting illness
  • whose parents and wider family are unable to care for them

It could also include families:

  • involved in crime or the misuse of drugs at a significant level
  • with significant mental or physical health needs

Request for support

To get level 4 support, you'll need to fill in our request for support form.

It’s helpful for us to know about any previous intervention the child has had when requesting this level of support.

Before you begin

A good referral gives us a really clear picture of what's going on and how we can help.

You need to have the family's consent before you make the request, unless there is risk of signicant harm.

You'll need to give:

  • your profession and contact deatils
  • details about the child, including age, ethnicity, religion and disability
  • details about those living in the home
  • your concerns and who they relate to
  • examples, giving as much description as you can
  • support the family have recieved
  • what's going well and what needs to change

Guides for completing the form

For more information on how to fill in the form, you can use our guide for professionals (PDF, 294KB) and guide for families and community (PDF, 570KB).

You can use these examples of a form completed by a professional (PDF, 340KB) and a form filled in by a member of the community (PDF, 286KB) to guide you.

Watch our video guidance on completing a request for support form.

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