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Cost of living: find out about the cost of living support you could be eligible for.

Essex stands with Ukraine: read the latest updates on what you can do to help, and information for sponsors and guests on the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

Your councillor

Complain about a councillor

County councillors follow the Code of Conduct for Members, which you can find in our constitution.

This means county councillors should be honest, open, accountable, and act in the public interest.

If you feel a councillor may have broken the code, you can make a complaint.

You can complain about a Councillor’s conduct (WORD, 124KB) by filling in this form and emailing it to

This is only for complaints relating to councillors in their role.

You can find out how to make complaints about our services on our complaints page.

What happens after you’ve complained

The Monitoring Officer will use our Assessment and Hearing Procedure (PDF, 202KB) to decide how the complaint should be investigated.

If necessary the Audit, Governance and Standards Committee will look into the complaint and decide what action should be taken.

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