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Developer information

29 April 2019

Please select from the headings below to download the appropriate guide or checklist. 

Essex Design Guide

The Essex Design Guide (EDG) has been digitally revamped to provide contemporary socio economic, environmental, and best practice guidance to planners and those interested in the provision of new housing developments.

Essex Planning Protocol

Together, local authorities, developers and infrastructure providers are vital to the delivery of quality, sustainable development: this Protocol is our shared commitment.

The protocol sets out four priorities that all planning authorities in Essex, as well as the County Planning Authority, have committed to.

Developers’ Guide to Infrastructure Contributions

This provides details of the impacts that development may have on Essex County Council services and infrastructure, and guidance to developers regarding how section 106 agreements and the Community Infrastructure Levy may be used to secure works, finance and/or land to mitigate these impacts.

Community infrastructure pre-app enquiries and pre-app charges

Essex County Council provides a pre-planning application service to developers wishing to understand issues, related to community infrastructure, which may be raised by their proposals.

Highway advice including pre-app and guidance

Essex County Council provides a pre-planning application services to developers wishing to understand issues related to highways and transportation infrastructure which may be raised by their proposals.

Section 106 agreement template

Where development requires an impact to be mitigated using a section 106 agreement, developers are expected to use this template to enter in to any obligations in favour of Essex County Council. Adherence to these specimen clauses speeds up the planning process and reduces legal costs.

Education site suitability checklist

Where a new development needs land for a new school or early years and childcare facility, the developer must send in a Land Compliance Study with their planning application. The main points covered are set out in this checklist and should also be used to shape pre-application discussions regarding appropriate locations.

Highways and Transportation policies

The ‘Development Management policies’ set out the Council's expectations about Highway design and transport matters in relation to new development. They strike a balance between the need for new housing and employment opportunities, the regeneration agenda, and protecting the transport network for the safe movement of people and goods.

Highway adoption and land

Essex Highways, the Council's delivery partner, deals with all aspects associated with the implementation of the developer works in the highway. Please refer to their guidance before making your submission.

Car Parking Standards

The Essex Parking Standards set out the number of parking spaces that should be included in new development along with design guidance. They have been produced in partnership with the Essex Planning Officers Association (EPOA).

Planning Obligation discharge enquiries and charges

Copies of section 106 agreements can usually be downloaded from the relevant Local Planning Authority’s (borough, city or district) website free of charge. Using the above form you can, however, obtain copy agreements from us and confirmation that obligations in favour of the County have been discharged. Please note enquiries regarding the discharge of Highway Works Agreements (s278 et al) must be directed to

Planning Performance Agreements (PPAs)

As part of its enhanced planning service, Essex County Council offers the opportunity for applicants to enter into a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA), which sits alongside the Council's existing pre-application advice service.

A PPA is a project management tool which allows all parties to agree timescales, actions and resources for handling planning applications. PPAs are usually agreed at the pre-application stage and relate to the whole development process, from pre-application planning advice and community engagement, to application progress meetings right through to the post decision stage. PPAs can be used for any type of application but are most effective for major, large scale and complex planning applications.

Please see Growth and Development webpage for more information. 

For general enquiries about information on this page please email