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Key contacts

Essex Young Carers
PO Box 47
C326 County Hall
Essex, CM2 6WN

Find out if you are a young carer

1 May 2018

A young carer may be dealing with a range of situations, such as disability, chronic illness, mental health difficulties or problems with drugs or alcohol misuse.  If you are a young carer you can have an assessment to find out what your rights are and what benefits and services you are entitled to.

You may be a young carer if you

  • care for a family member, because of illness, disability or old age
  • help someone with bathing or dressing
  • help someone to go to the toilet or get into/out of bed
  • do most of the cooking for your family
  • look after money or organise the family budget
  • help anyone to take medication regularly
  • collect prescriptions or benefits on behalf of someone else
  • go shopping for the family
  • look after brothers or sisters, by taking them to school, doing their laundry, or cooking their meals
  • take care of housework, such as dusting, hovering, washing or ironing;
  • speak on behalf of someone who has difficulty speaking or communicating for themselves
  • translate or interpret for someone at home
  • have responsibilities at home that prevent you from spending time with your friends, or inviting them around your house
  • feel sad, angry, embarrassed or guilty about the help you give to anyone at home
  • feel jealous of friends who don't have the same responsibilities
  • avoid telling anyone outside the family about your home situation.

If you want some advice you can contact your nearest group who will be able to help you.