Domestic abuse victim and survivor feedback

The voices of all victims and survivors of domestic abuse should be heard. Share your experience and help improve services for everyone in Essex.


As a local authority, we have a duty to work in partnership with victims and survivors of domestic abuse to make sure their voices are heard.

Sharing your view and ideas can help to improve services for everyone. If you have experienced domestic abuse, we would like to work with you and organisations across Essex to transform the way we respond and give support.

Get involved

The most important work is the role of 'Experts by Experience'.

You are an Expert by Experience when you have lived through domestic abuse. It is your voice, your experiences and your involvement that makes the difference.

Your support could change lives.

Sharing your views makes you a part of a group of victims and survivors who come together to use their insights to make communities everywhere safer.

Marie - Experts by Experience research participant

“The feeling that my experiences are being put to good use in some way, that as hard as they were, some good is coming out of them by making things better for others.”

Real names are not used.

Victims and survivors improving services

Hearing about a wide range of experiences encourages more people to come forward to access help and support. It helps more people to have their say, allowing us to listen to victims and survivors and put your voices at the heart of our thinking and decision-making.

Find out more about why sharing your story matters.