Information sharing protocols

How we share data, what we share and why

Information sharing protocols: Safer Community

Title Purpose Partners
Early Intervention Service User Tracking (DOC, 89KB) The learning captured by the evaluation will be used to inform future commissioning activities and to evidence the case for greater investment in Early Help both in Essex and nationally. ECC, EWMHS
Impact of Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs) on Social Care (docx, 337.27kB) Road Traffic Collision data from Essex Police will be combined with Adult Social Care data to determine any correlation and causation to inform service offerings and awareness. ECC, Essex Police Federation
Supported Families Programme (DOC, 86.33KB) To enable families to receive the right services at the right time by identifying families that have been supported to improved outcomes in relation to a number of different services. ECC, Essex Child & Wellbeing Service (HCRG Care Group)
Overarching Safeguarding across geographic Essex (DOC, 80.52KB) The exchange of personal and sensitive information in the interests of protecting children, young people and adults from actual or potential harm. See appendix for full list (updated monthly)
Essex Health and Justice Overarching ISP (DOC, 208.38KB) To describe what information is required to be shared by partners and to ensure that people who have mental health difficulties, learning difficulties or other vulnerabilities within the criminal justice system are supported. 16 different partner organisations are listed in the ISP document
Essex Emergency and Major Incident ISP (DOC, 82.47 KB) To provide activities aimed at addressing the needs of people affected by emergencies: the provision of psychological and social aftercare and support in the short, medium and long term ECC, Essex Police, Essex Fire & Rescue and relevant Local authorities as listed in the appendix