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How to get support if you have a learning disability

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If you are finding it difficult to look after yourself and manage everyday tasks, you can contact us to discuss your care and support needs.

The level of support a person needs will vary, depending on their circumstances, but we may be able to help you with things like:

  • finding somewhere to live
  • finding a job
  • day to day living
  • looking after your health
  • looking after your money
  • finding things to do

We can also support your family or someone who cares for you.

What happens next?

We will consider your needs in line with the Care Act 2014. This means someone will ask you some questions to see how we can best support you to live safely and well in your community.

The teams are made up of:

  • social workers
  • occupational therapists
  • support workers
  • Team Manager and Deputy Manager

We work closely with colleagues employed by the NHS, other organisations such as housing, and have links with local communities. All of these people will have different areas of expertise, and will work together to ensure that you get the support which is best suited to your needs.

This may include a specialist behavioural assessment and a positive behaviour support plan. This helps support staff understand you and how they can help you to manage your behaviour.

We may also write a report to support your social worker to find the right place for you to live.

Local Linked Support

Our Local Linked Support team can help you to achieve short term goals. This support service is available to adults with autism or minor learning disabilities, as well as their carers. Find out more about Local Linked Support.

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