How the financial assessment works

You do not need to contact us to request a financial assessment. Your social worker will let us know when your care needs assessment is completed. We will then offer you a financial assessment. There are three ways for us to gather the information needed to complete your assessment.

Telephone appointment

This is the standard format for our financial assessments.

We will send you an appointment letter via email or in the post. This will tell you the time and date of your financial assessment appointment. A member of the financial assessment team will call you at the given time.

You can contact us to change your appointment if the one booked is not convenient

After your telephone appointment we will send you an outcome letter explaining the result.  

Completing the self assessment form

You can choose to complete a self assessment form if you are not able to attend a telephone appointment.

We recommend you seek independent financial advice when filling out this form.

If you choose the ‘do not disclose’ option on the form, you are agreeing to pay the full cost of your care. We will confirm this in writing to you. If you don’t pay, we will take action to recover any outstanding charges owed to us.

We will use the information given on this form to work out your care charge and send you a letter to explain the result.

Light touch assessment

We may already hold the relevant information for you. In these cases we will work out your care charge based on these records and send you an outcome letter to explain the result. This letter will be the first that you hear from us.