Understanding the outcome

After your assessment we will send you a letter to explain the result. If we have completed a light touch assessment this letter will be the first you hear from the financial assessment team.

The letter will include:

  • details of any weekly charge
  • a full breakdown of costs
  • how we will send your invoices
  • how you can make payments
  • an application for deferred payment if the value of your home has been included in your assessment

Please read your outcome letter carefully and check that all the information is correct. You can contact us if you have any concerns or questions. These examples may help you to understand your outcome letter:

We will also notify your social worker of the result.

Annual reassessment

We will review what you pay towards your care each year. This is called an annual reassessment.

The reassessment accounts for any changes to benefits and legislation that all local authorities must follow. It will also explain any changes to care charges.

We will send you a letter in late February or early March explaining the outcome of the reassessment. You do not need to do anything unless you feel that your new care charge is wrong.