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Guidance for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

If it is your first-time bidding for a public sector contract, please take a look at the following guidance documents. They show you where to start and provides valuable tips, so you have your best chance:

Help for vendors

These links may be useful if you’re bidding on an Essex County Council contract:

Also, before bidding, please visit:

Manage your payments

Use our iSupplier service to manage purchase orders, invoices, view payments and your supplier records.

Approved suppliers will get a login email from

Manage your contracts

Log in to Proactis to access your current contract records, update key contract information and receive contract communications from ECC.

Get paid

You can invoice us with our free invoicing service, Marketplace.

Approved suppliers will be invited to join the service.

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If you need help with the procurement process, please email

Help with contracts or getting paid

If you need help managing contracts using iSupplier or getting paid using Marketplace, please email

Bus contracts

For help registering as a bus operator, please email