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Growth and development

The Growth and Development Team at Essex County Council was formed in January 2019 to be at the forefront of the growth agenda in Essex. It comprises experienced, motivated professionals to co-ordinate and oversee the delivery of significant strategic, large-scale and complex developments and proposals, including Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) and Garden Communities.

Our focus is to work collaboratively with partners in the public and private sector on proposals throughout Essex and neighbouring areas to support sustainable and challenging residential, employment and infrastructure schemes as they come forward in Essex, which is seeing unprecedented levels of future growth and development.

Owing to its wide remit, the team has involvement in a range of different projects and proposals at the earliest opportunity, far beyond the Council's core function as statutory consultees on major applications and national infrastructure projects. Proposals may be supported from inception to delivery by providing a robust, co-ordinated response to growth challenges and opportunities as they arise.

A key objective is to provide local authority partners as well as developers with a co-ordinated corporate single response from Essex County Council to development proposals before plans are submitted through the pre-application process.

This allows front loading of the planning process to occur, giving applicants clear direction and understanding of their proposals, solving problems and seeking solutions, where possible. Or, alternatively, once plans have been submitted. This will ensure that much needed and necessary infrastructure, services and facilities are delivered by development to create sustainable development and communities.

As with many local authorities, the aforementioned pre-application engagement would, in most circumstances, be accompanied by an approved Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) (55.8 MB DOC). Essex County Council has produced a model PPA to outline the offer and to assist partners in this process.

Charges for this approach are also detailed herein to ensure that costs are clear and transparent to assist with early engagement, once a PPA is signed.

As part of this, the team will engage and consult with various internal and external service areas and providers at the earliest opportunity. This means that development proposals come forward with a greater degree of certainty as to the Essex County Council position in terms of, but not limited to, planning policy, highways, economic development, waste, health, education, adult social care, and sustainable urban drainage and flooding to ensure policy compliant schemes are delivered.

If you'd like to discuss a proposal with us, please contact us using the email address below. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to help you deliver sustainable communities.

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