Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: managing your direct payments

We continue to update the guidance on managing direct payments during the pandemic.

This is for those who:

  • manage their own direct payments
  • have support from Purple, the company we currently use, to manage their direct payments
  • manage direct payments on behalf of someone else

Read the Covid-19: direct payments for adults frequently asked questions (PDF, 354.36KB).

We also have guidance on technology enabled care for direct payments users (PDF, 477.23KB).

GOV.UK has advice on the recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) for primary outpatient and community care by setting

PPE for direct payments recipients

Direct payments recipients that need personal protective equipment (PPE) for themselves or their carers can buy them from a list of suppliers. We have checked that these suppliers will sell directly to individuals.

These suppliers have given us permission to publish their details and they've provided the information and the products on offer. We don't warrant or guarantee them.

See the list of PPE suppliers for direct payments users (Excel spreadsheet, 31KB) and PPE urgent request form (Word document, 53KB).

Personal budgets and direct payments

Personal budgets

A personal budget is the amount of money we've worked out you need to pay for your care and support needs.

You can use it to:

  • arrange your own care and support using direct payments
  • authorise the council to arrange care and support for you
  • arrange some care and support yourself, and have the council arrange some for you

Your social care worker will go through this with you when you agree your care and support plan.

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