Protecting the environment

Find out how we're protecting the Essex coast and our green infrastructure strategy

Guidance for professionals

We are committed to working together to protect our natural environment. Sharing our expertise, knowledge, and experience.

Essex Green Infrastructure Standards

We have outlined nine principles and standards for strengthening the delivery of green infrastructures in Essex. Supporting all aspects of place making and place keeping. From policy planning to development management. As detailed in our Essex Green Infrastructure Standards guidance.

This guidance focuses on the technical application of the principles and standards. Including:

  • why the principles and standards matter
  • how to deliver the principles and standards
  • how to measure success
  • best practice case studies and illustrative examples

We have also produced a non-technical summary (PDF, 2.33mB) for those without specialist knowledge of the subject area.

These principles and standards align with the National Green Infrastructure Framework and Building with Nature Standards.

Sustainable Development Planning Guidance

We work with planners to review local development plans to achieve sustainable development and protect the environment.

When developing neighbourhood plans and other planning documents, you may want to reference: