Protecting the environment

Find out how we're protecting the Essex coast and our green infrastructure strategy

Woodlands and country parks

We manage a number of parks and woodland areas, which are not only havens for animals and plant life but are often also accessible for walks and cycling.

See Essex Country Parks to find woodlands and parks near you.

Essex Forest Initiative

In October 2019, we committed to plant £1 million worth of trees over the next five years. This equates to planting 375,000 trees, over 150 hectares, which is equal to the size of 210 football pitches. The carbon offset will be equal to around 60,000 return flights from Paris to New York.

To date we have planted:

  • 38,000 trees between 2019 and 2020
  • 101,000 trees between 2020 and 2021

This scheme is part of the council's wider efforts to tackle climate change. To:

  • create and connect habitats
  • clean the air we breathe
  • promote environment-friendly infrastructures
  • protect green spaces
  • bring people closer to nature

Read more about the Essex Forest Initiative.