Protecting the environment

Find out how we're protecting the Essex coast and our green infrastructure strategy

Strategies and partnerships

Local Nature Recovery Strategy

Find out about our Local Nature Recovery Strategy.

Local Nature Partnership

The Local Nature Partnership Board and the council coordinate the partnership across Essex. Together, with our partners, we will strengthen the impact of local action for nature recovery across Essex.

The Local Nature Partnership will benefit Essex by:

  • preventing further loss of biodiversity and work towards reversing the decline
  • restoring habitats and wildlife
  • producing positive outcomes that integrate the needs of nature, people and the economy
  • enabling a diverse range of organisations and communities to work together to make the best use of our available resources
  • raising awareness of the value of Essex‚Äôs environment to the economy and society

The Local Nature Partnership's 2030 targets are:

  • increase the natural green infrastructure coverage in Essex from 14% to 25%
  • 50% of farmland in Essex to adopt sustainable stewardship practices - adopted from the Essex Climate Action Commission
  • 1 in 4 people in Essex to take action for wildlife/nature recovery - adopted from the Essex Wildlife Trust
  • access to high quality green space for all

Read more information on the Essex Local Nature Partnership.