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Strategies and partnerships

Local Nature Recovery Strategy

Introduced in the Environment Act 2021, the Local Nature Recovery Strategy (LNRS) is a statutory requirement. It is part of Nature Recovery Network (NRN), which is made up of 48 Local Nature Recovery Strategies. These improvements are required by law under the Environment Act 2021. Together they form a nationwide network full of opportunities for nature recovery.

The primary purpose of our LNRS is to find locations for the creation or improvement of habitat. It aims to identify the locations most likely to provide the greatest benefit for nature and the wider environment.

Essex County Council are the Responsible Authority for delivering the LNRS for Greater Essex. This includes Thurrock Council and Southend City Council. The Essex LNRS outlines agreed biodiversity priorities for nature recovery in the county. It also outlines a series of proposed actions, known as potential measures, to achieve these priorities. The Essex LNRS proposes where actions could be carried out that will connect and expand existing spaces for nature.

Our Local Nature Recovery Strategy will:

  • map areas of importance for biodiversity
  • map areas where nature recovery has been taken
  • describe the strategy area, its biodiversity and its opportunities for nature recovery
  • agree biodiversity priorities and identify potential measures for achieving them
  • map areas that could become of particular importance in the future

The creation of the Essex LNRS is being led locally and collaboratively. It is being developed through support, advice, and guidance from a wide range of experts and stakeholders across Essex. This work began in August 2022 and is still ongoing. We are working to deliver the strategy alongside:

We are also working with multiple partners from across the public, private and voluntary sectors. We are working together to:

  • improve how land is managed for environmental reasons
  • find cross-sector activities that have multiple benefits

Visit for more information on the LNRS Regulations and LNRS Guidance.

For any enquiries relating to the Local Nature Recovery Strategy, please email

Local Nature Partnership

The Local Nature Partnership Board and the council coordinate the partnership across Essex. Together, with our partners, we will strengthen the impact of local action for nature recovery across Essex.

The Local Nature Partnership will benefit Essex by:

  • preventing further loss of biodiversity and work towards reversing the decline
  • restoring habitats and wildlife
  • producing positive outcomes that integrate the needs of nature, people and the economy
  • enabling a diverse range of organisations and communities to work together to make the best use of our available resources
  • raising awareness of the value of Essex‚Äôs environment to the economy and society

The Local Nature Partnership's 2030 targets are:

  • increase the natural green infrastructure coverage in Essex from 14% to 25%
  • 50% of farmland in Essex to adopt sustainable stewardship practices - adopted from the Essex Climate Action Commission
  • 1 in 4 people in Essex to take action for wildlife/nature recovery - adopted from the Essex Wildlife Trust
  • access to high quality green space for all

Read more information on the Essex Local Nature Partnership.