Request a carer's assessment

Need support? Contact Carers First

Carers First help carers and people who look after someone. They are your first point of contact for information, advice and guidance. They can offer emotional as well as practical support.

We commission Carers First to provide support services to unpaid carers in the Essex area.

They can help you navigate available support services and introduce you to support networks.

You can fill in your details on the online form and someone from their team will aim to contact you within 5 working days.


Mobilise is a free online service to support carers. You can access tools to help you get the financial help you need, access carers guides, and join online support groups.

Carers benefits

Councils offer several benefits and services to make life easier for these people. They are often called 'carer benefits.'

You can find out what you are entitled to by having a carer's assessment.

Social care support package

The person you look after may have a 'support package' from the local council. This may include provision for unpaid carers like you to have support, like respite breaks.

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