Carers assessment

Request a carers assessment to get support if you regularly look after someone else

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Request a carers assessment

If both you and the person you care for are over 18, the Essex Wellbeing Service can refer you for a carers assessment. They can also offer advice and guidance to help you whilst you wait for your assessment. This could include helping you to find support groups and services near to where you live.

Everything you tell them will be recorded in your referral notes. This means that you will not need to share the same information twice.

Contact the Essex Wellbeing Service

Telephone: 0300 303 9988


Alternatively, you can refer yourself directly for a carers assessment by contacting our carers team.

Parent carers

If you are a parent carer of a disabled child under 18 you have a right to an assessment under the Children's Act. This assessment looks at both you and your child to find the best ways to support the whole family.

Young carers

If you are under 18 you can request a young carers assessment, which will be more tailored to your situation.

Contact our carers team

Telephone: 0345 603 7630


Textphone: 0345 758 5592


Office hours: Monday to Thursday, 8:45am to 5pm Friday, 8:45am to 4:30pm

For out of hours queries contact the Emergency Duty Service:

Telephone: 0345 606 1212