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You are currently in: Marriage and Civil Partnership


Civil Partnership

9 August 2018

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 enabled same sex couples to obtain legal recognition of their relationship. You must give notice of your intention to form a Civil Partnership at least 28 days before your ceremony.

Essex residents

If you live in Essex (other than Southend, Thurrock or a London Borough) you can book an appointment to give your notice in one of our main registration offices. Each of you must have lived in Essex for at least seven whole days immediately before giving a notice of intention to marry. 

The prescribed list of evidence gives the documents needed for your notice of civil partnership appointment.

Please ensure you have booked your registrar before booking your notice of civil partnership appointment.

Book an appointment online


Foreign nationals

If you and your partner are subject to immigration control and would like to form a civil partnership in the UK, you will need to apply for the appropriate Civil Partnership Visitor visa. The waiting period of 28 days may be extended to 70 days if your notices of civil partnership have to be referred to the Home Office for approval.

The statutory fee of £35 per person may also be increased to £47 per person if that referral is needed.  

If you have all the documents needed to give notice of civil partnership, you can make an appointment at our designated registration office in Chelmsford. Please e-mail