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Development in Essex

22 December 2016

The Planning Process

Essex County Council plays a number of different roles in the planning process. It is, for example, the minerals and waste planning authority and the lead local flood authority. National government and lower tier local councils lead on a number of issues where county councils are statutory consultees. 

Information for Developers

Essex County Council is consulted on planning applications in different capacities such as the Highways Authority and the appropriate Local Authority for Education. In response it may request amendments to proposals or mitigation measures that are secured either by planning conditions or section 106 agreements.

Sustainable Travel

Essex County Council aims to promote sustainable modes of transport and use its road capacity effectively to thereby facilitate economic growth. With our partner organisations we aim to improve and promote our railways and provide a Travel Plan service to businesses, schools and developers.

Major Infrastructure and Projects

The population of Essex is growing and there are a number of major infrastructure projects planned to support growth. Essex is also host to a number of nationally significant airports, sea ports, railways and roads.