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Policy consultations

18 June 2014

Early and on-going consultation with consultees and members of the public is an important feature of the current planning system. There will be consultation at each stage of plan production, in line with the requirements of the Regulations and the Statement of Community Involvement.

This will give all those with an interest in minerals and waste planning matters opportunity to influence how this type of development is promoted and controlled in the future, within the context provided by national planning policy.

Each Local Plan will contain:
  • a core strategy;
  • development management policies against which planning applications would be considered;
  • site allocations indicating the preferred locations for certain minerals and waste developments


and be accompanied by a policies map.
The Minerals and Waste Development Scheme is the timetable which shows the month and year when each stage of plan preparation will be reached.


Policy development is informed by the Sustainability Appraisal / Strategic Environmental Assessment process, to ensure future development accords with sustainability objectives.

Policy development is underpinned by a comprehensive evidence base.