Domestic abuse victim and survivor feedback

The voices of all victims and survivors of domestic abuse should be heard. Share your experience and help improve services for everyone in Essex.

Moving Forward Together workshops for professionals

At the Moving Forward Together workshops, we will bring together a diverse group of professionals to learn from each other and collaborate on work to improve domestic abuse services and systems.


How to take part in the Moving Forward Together workshops

The workshops take place four times a year and are open to all professionals whose work impacts victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

Each workshop covers different topics and regular attendance helps to build strong relationships with other professionals.

If you would like to sign up to attend the workshops, please complete the online form.

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During each workshop, you will:

  • share insights and learning from each other’s engagement with victims and survivors of domestic abuse
  • develop wider opportunities to engage and involve of victims and survivors in the design and delivery of services
  • create new opportunities to grow and develop the role of Experts by Experience
  • strengthen regional and national relationships between organisations
  • understand wider challenges within systems and come up with possible solutions
  • encourage more people to come forward and engage

Together, we can help make long-lasting changes.