Domestic abuse victim and survivor feedback

The voices of all victims and survivors of domestic abuse should be heard. Share your experience and help improve services for everyone in Essex.

How sharing your experience leads to change

Everyone who has lived through domestic abuse has an important story to tell. You are an Expert by Experience.

Your involvement is at the heart of how we shape, deliver and understand the support we offer and the future direction of Essex services.

How we use your feedback

The importance of feedback is not what is collected but what is done with it. We respond to your views by listening to you, making decisions together and creating new services where we need to.


You said, we did - emotional wellbeing support

You said: Victims and survivors wanted to help us design the new emotional wellbeing support offer. Through focus groups and surveys, we used real experiences to guide the design.

We did: Your feedback has changed the way we think about the choices we offer and how we help people to access peer support from domestic abuse survivors. This will help us create several new interventions that we will continue to test and improve in partnership with victims and survivors.


You said, we did - ways to share your views

You said: You told us that you needed help to feel confident about sharing your experiences of domestic abuse. You asked for a central place where you can learn about how to raise issues and concerns and understand how to 'have your say'.

We did: Alongside the information on our website, we are creating an animated video that will show the different ways you can get involved and share your views and opinions, no matter where you are on your journey. The video will be translated into five languages and included on our website soon.

We're also designing sign-up lists so you can get involved with the issues you care about most, in ways that you feel comfortable with.

You can find out more about our plans to improve domestic abuse systems in Essex in our domestic abuse strategy (PDF, 1.54MB). If you would like the information in the strategy to be provided in another format, please email C&