Information for sponsors welcoming a Ukrainian person or family

Payments to sponsors and guests

For all queries about payments, sponsors should contact their local city, borough or district council.

Full details are still being finalised and councils are waiting for guidance from the government. We will update this page when we have further information.

Payments for guests

Under the scheme, the goverment is offering a one-off £200 interim payment for each guest to help with living costs.

Your local council will arrange the £200 payment to guests as soon as they are advised that they have arrived. Payment methods will vary between councils.

Payments to sponsors

The government is offering an optional 'thank you' payment of £350 per month to people who can accommodate one or more guests.

The payments will be backdated to when the guests first arrive, paid monthly in arrears. The first payment will be made once all checks have been passed, including home and welfare checks.

Your local council will contact you and collect the required details should you wish to receive the payment.

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