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Expenses and allowances

County councillors are not paid a salary, but receive a basic allowance of £12,292 to help them fulfil their duties.

Councillors with extra responsibilities, like members of the Cabinet, can receive an additional Special Responsibility Allowance.

Councillors can also claim expenses to cover the costs of things like travel while carrying out their duties.

The amount each councillor receives in expenses and allowances is published in a monthly report. At the end of the financial year, an annual report of expenses and allowances is published.

You can find out more about how we work out expenses and allowances as part of the Members Allowances Scheme in the Essex County Council Constitution.

Monthly expenses and allowances report

Monthly expenses and allowance reports are published 2 to 4 weeks after the month end.

Expenses and allowances October 2022 (PDF, 31.22KB)
Expenses and allowances September 2022 (PDF, 31.11KB)
Expenses and allowances August 2022 (PDF, 30.86KB)
Expenses and allowances July 2022 (PDF, 167.80kB)
Expenses and allowances June 2022 (PDF, 168.67kB)
Expenses and allowances May 2022 (PDF, 168.59kB)
Expenses and allowances April 2022 (PDF, 168.03kB)
Expenses and allowances March 2022 (PDF, 167.92kB)
Expenses and allowances February 2022 (PDF, 167.74kB)
Expenses and allowances January 2022 (PDF, 168.10kB)
Expenses and allowances December 2021 (PDF, 168.20kB)
Expenses and allowances November 2021 (PDF, 168.00kB)
Expenses and allowances October 2021 (PDF, 168.03kB)
Expenses and allowances September 2021 (PDF, 170.32kB)
Expenses and allowances August 2021 (PDF, 171.04kB)
Expenses and allowances July 2021 (PDF, 170.80kB)
Expenses and allowances June 2021 (PDF, 173.57kB)
Expenses and allowances May 2021 (PDF, 167.71kB)
Expenses and allowances April 2021 (PDF, 176.32kB)

Annual expenses and allowances summary

Expenses and allowances 2020 to 2021 (PDF, 171kB)
Expenses and allowances 2019 to 2020 (PDF, 191kB)
Expenses and allowances 2018 to 2019 (PDF 186kB)
Expenses and allowances 2017 to 2018 (PDF 266kB)

Independent Remuneration Panel

We are required to establish an Independent Remuneration Panel, under the Local Authorities (Members’ Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003 (As amended).

The purpose of the panel is to review the allowances paid to councillors. These include allowances for councillors’ basic duties, special responsibilities, childcare, travel and substance. The panel makes recommendations to the council on the appropriate level of payments to be made.

The panel is made up of local people, not connected with the council. We advertise for panel members on our website when we have vacancies.

Our Independent Remuneration Panel met in March 2022.
View the Independent Remuneration Panel report (PDF, 989KB).

We received revised recommendations that were agreed by Council at its meeting in July 2022.
View the revised recommendations report (PDF, 250KB).

If you are unable to access the reports online, copies can be made available at County Hall, Market Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1QH by emailing

The recommendations and changes to be implemented from 1 September 2022 are summarised as follows:

  • increase the basic allowance by £292 per annum to £12,292
  • make a number of changes to the rate paid for Special Responsibility Allowances as per the table below
  • no changes to the travel and subsistence policy
  • Dependent Carers’ Allowance for childcare and more specialist care to be based on actual reasonable costs upon production of receipts
  • adoption of a Parental Leave Policy (adopted May 2022)
  • annual indexation of the basic allowances from April 2023 for a period of up to four years
Allowance Current amount for 2021-22 Number Recommended Allowance Recommended Allowance Calculation
Leader of the Council £54,000 1 £55,314 450% of Basic
Deputy Leader £42,000 1 £44,251 80% of Leader’s Allowance
Cabinet Member £36,000 8 £37,060 67% of Leader’s Allowance
Chairman of the Council £21,600.00 1 £22,126 40% of Leader’s Allowance
Leader of the Main Opposition Group £16,200.00 1 £16,594 30% of Leader’s Allowance
Scrutiny Board Chairman £16,200.00 1 £16,594 30% of Leader’s Allowance
Deputy to Cabinet Member £ 12,000.00 11 £13,829 25% of Leader’s Allowance
Committee Chairman £ 13,500.00 8 £13,829 25% of Leader’s Allowance
Vice Chairman of Council £ 10,800.00 1 £11,063 20% of Leader’s Allowance
Minority Group Leaders No SRA 2 £5,531 10% of Leader’s Allowance
Co-Opted Member for the Pension Strategy Board No allowance 0 £16.08 per hour Nomis median hourly rate for Essex County area
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