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GovMetric feedback

1 May 2018

Why do we want your feedback?

Your feedback helps us continue to improve the services and information that we offer.

How do we collect your feedback?

We use a tool called ‘GovMetric’ which is represented by ‘three faces’. It is a simple, quick and easy tool that enables us to capture your feedback.

Depending how you choose to contact us, you can click one of the three faces at the bottom of our website pages, or at the bottom of some of our e-mails, to indicate how you found the page or the content of the information. You can take part in person too – either by opting into the telephone survey if you contact our Customer Service Centre, or by using a dedicated self-service terminal located in Colchester Library.

What do we use your feedback for?

We value the feedback you provide and share it with the relevant service areas, either to help them to continue to make improvements, or to simply tell staff what a great job they’re doing.  

If we establish that changes are needed we will aim to make them immediately. Other more complex issues may take some time. Either way, we will do our best to rectify any negative experiences.

We do not collect personal information using the GovMetric tool and as such we can’t respond to individual comments or complaints.  If you have something specific you would like us to address please refer to our Enquiries, Compliments, Comments and Complaints page.

Why do we use GovMetric? 

We use GovMetric as it is an established and widely used customer feedback tool. GovMetric is used by over 75 public sector providers to gather customer feedback and thereby understand the quality and quantity of our service delivery across all of our access channels.  

We receive monthly reports where we are shown our overall performance against other providers that use GovMetric.  This information is used extensively to assist us in evaluating and monitoring critical issues such as access, service improvement, and transformation whilst helping us to promote adoption of best practice and channel shift.